Design Thinking and innovation workshops

Who are our workshops for?

Our workshops are for nurses, nurse educators and nurse entrepreneurs who are willing to change their mindset and approach problems and challenges in new ways. We also offer online courses and books for innovative nurses. Innovation and creativity are the buzzwords in nursing, nursing academia and nurse entrepreneurship. Any nurse, educator or entrepreneur seeking to make positive change or moving progress forward, this course is designed for you. We customize our training to fit a variety of general thinking processes within specific contexts.

Practice makes perfect

Learn the basics of design thinking while applying a step-by-step process of how to start your own innovative project.  Begin developing a “innovator mindset” while working collaboratively with teams of similar interests.  We will provide you with essential tools and resources to get you started.  We even offer ongoing design thinking and innovation coaching sessions for nurses, nurse educators and nurse entrepreneurs.

Our workshops provide an interactive and practical approach to get you actively engaged in applying design thinking methodology simply and immediately.   Learn how to better understand your clients and/or students’ needs aligned with innovative solutions using design thinking steps (empathy, define, ideate, prototype and test). 

Benefit of Workshops

What are the benefits of innovation and design thinking training workshops?

Design thinking is a collaborative team approach.  Our clients benefit from learning new techniques for working together and solving problems creatively.  Many organizations or institutions don’t offer innovation and design thinking skills and this is where are workshops become very beneficial for our clients.  The structured design thinking activities enable our client’s to adopt “innovator mindsets” that can be applied to any area of their lives and career.

Design Thinking for Nurse Entrepreneurs and Business Start-up

Design Thinking for Business Start-ups in Nursing

This workshop is designed for nurse business owners and entrepreneurs in the pre-start-up or start-up phase of a business venture.  Learn simple approaches to design thinking to better understand your potential or current client base.  Learn the “innovator mindset” to more effectively design new products, services, business models, marketing strategies or niche- ideas based on the end-users needs and pain points.  Gain valuable tools and strategies from real nurse entrepreneur experiences to gain better momentum in innovative business start-up solutions and the pitfalls to avoid.  Learn design thinking processes in order to get your business started off in the right direction for long-term sustainability and profitability.   During this workshop you will be guided and coached on beginning your own innovation project for the purpose of learning, developing skills, and creating something new that can positively impact your business start-up.


Activating Design Thinking in Nursing Academia for Student Success

Activating Design Thinking in Nursing Academia

This workshop is designed for nurse faculty or clinical nursing instructors/adjuncts who are open to developing the “innovative nurse educator” mindset.  Learn more about design thinking and how it is quickly becoming popular in nursing academia and higher education. Participants will learn how to grow a culture of innovation at work. Participants will discover their own creative abilities and work collaboratively in teams with other nurse educators using divergent and convergent thinking to creatively pose ideations and potential prototypes. Find out how empathy and human-centered design are reshaping how nurse educators develop program curricular, standardizing admission processes, engaging students with innovative teaching strategies, etc. Nurse educators who attend this workshop can take insights learn to create solutions that students need for achieving success.

Design Thinking for Innovations in Nursing Practice

Design Thinking for Innovation in Nursing Practice

In this workshop, nurses of various experiences and practices learn and apply design thinking principles. Participants will discover their “innovator mindset” and discover why design thinking is highly popular within healthcare sectors.  Nurses will learn to how to apply practical design thinking methods through team collaboration and hands-on activities with other nurses.  From an empathy and human-centered design perspective, nurses who attend this workshop will learn insights into the end-users needs, while learning to innovatively define problems, ideate, prototype and test ideas for enhanced value, reduced healthcare costs and customer satisfaction.