Feedback: Making it More Thoughtful and Meaningful

In this episode, Dr. Knight talks briefly about the way our brains our wired to resist feedback and/or criticism. When we hear potentially negative things about ourselves many of us become defensive.   Some have posited that the brain views criticism as a threat to survival even when feedback is provided in a positive manner.  The brain tends not to remember clearly negative or critical threats it receives so when we hear information that conflicts with our self-image, our instinct is to first change the information, rather than focus on the behavior that needs to change. The ironic thing however is that although criticism (during its processing stage) is more likely to be remembered incorrectly, we don’t often forget it. This is called negativity bias; meaning that receiving criticism has a greater impact than receiving praise.  This is why feedback should always be carefully provided in a caring, positive, constructive, meaningful and respectful manner.

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