Nursing’s Power of “Community and Holistic Care” in the 21st Century

In this episode Dr. Knight talks about key take aways from the recent report commissioned by the Robert Woods Johnson’s Foundation and authored by Patricia Pittman, PHD entitled, “Activating Nursing to Address Unmet Needs in the 21st Century”. Core elements from this report include:

  1. A need to identify core functions of nursing in the 21st century
  2. A need for healthcare professionals to work at the intersection of their disciplines and collaborate more effectively
  3. Enhanced alignment within nursing education and nursing curricula with that of  core functions of future nurse roles.  And  lastly there must be
  4. Greater alignment of jobs, professional development, payment and regulator policies and core functions of nurses in practice.

Key issues will have significant strains on the healthcare system including the epidemic of obesity, mental health conditions, substance abuse, chronic conditions (Pittman, 2019).  These are issues that are deeply rooted in social and economic disparities and conditions.  Pittman (2019) adds that the highly centralized health system that we have been accustomed to for the last century has been monopolized by medical, economic and political agenda .  A need for a  decentralized approach is at the forefront as nurses and advanced practice registered nurses claim their footing as providers and are reclaiming their initial quest to holistically address the most critical health issues and social determinants through community based and patient centered care (Pittman, 2019).

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