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Online Innovation and Soft-skill Enrichment Courses

Training designed for  nurses of all facets,  nurse entrepreneurs in the business start-up phase and nurse faculty of all experiences.

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Design Thinking and Innovation Workshops

On-site innovation workshops are designed for a team approach in untangling critical problems in nursing practice and academia.  A series of group exercises and activities are designed to explore innovative solutions.

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Career Coaching and Academic Support

Onsite and Virtual Coaching sessions are designed  to assist nurses, nurse entrepreneurs or nurse educators considering or actively pursuing a career or job change.  Academic support includes role transitions and tutoring for nursing students.

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Fostering Soft-skills in the 21st Century

Fostering soft skills in the 21st century is vital to providing safe and competent care, as well being effective in our roles as entrepreneurs and educators. It is noted that soft-skills are often underdeveloped primarily in novice nurses and secondary to that of technical clinical skills.  There are many nurses who are excellent at inserting IVs and others who know all the s/s of every disease process but struggle with effectively communicating important details or having the confidence to alert providers about a critical change in a clinical condition. Even nurse educators and nurse entrepreneurs can benefit from critical soft skill training in areas of innovation and creativity.  Functioning within today’s dynamic healthcare settings and markets requires high efficiency of:

  • critical thinking
  • creativity
  • creative problem solving
  • professionalism
  • empathy
  • communication
  • collaboration
  • confidence
  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • strong work ethic.
  • networking
  • conflict resolution
  • adaptability
  • innovation
  • marketing

These primary soft skills require extensive  practice and development well beyond nursing school and clinical practice.  Ineffective soft skills can significantly affect job performance and other activities in life.

“The Empowering Nurse Educator”

I help nurses, nurse educators and nurse entrepreneurs leverage their innovation, creativity and soft-skills while overcoming personal and professional adversities. I am passionate about fostering creative and innovative cultures across nursing academia and clinical practice. I am a life-long learner and I encourage others to adopt an “innovator mindset” while learning and trying new things not only in their careers but as well their personal lives. I find true joy in helping others discover their “why”, their passions and talents. I guide my clients through step-by-step design systems to enhance their creative impact and while ultimately getting the results they desire. Everyone struggles to feel confident in a new role or career. It takes time to feel at home in a new place. I have a passion for catering to “novices” and coaching them to have realistic expectations for the transition.

I have extensive nursing education, clinical nursing and leadership background including critical care, community health, home health, medical-surgical nursing, nurse career coaching, mentorship, consulting and nurse entrepreneurship experiences. I have authored a book entitled “Becoming an Innovative Nurse Educator: Moving from mediocre teaching to innovative learning” and several other blogs, and publications.

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Dr. Melissa Knight, PHD, MSN, CNE (CEO and Owner of La Fe Solutions) AKA “The Empowering Nurse Educator”

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Who is it for?

Do you have interests, ideas and strengths that you would like to integrate into your life and career? Do you have expertise that you are building but need to know where to focus and what opportunities to take action on? Through La Fe Solution’s career coaching services, design thinking and soft-skill training courses and workshops, you can create strategies for a better future! Not only will you gain a clear vision, you will learn to create solutions that you can apply immediately. Are there a lot of things that you want to do and envision but unsure how to get there? Using creative systems and design thinking in your life can get you on the path to success and fulfillment in no time.

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Featured Online Courses – Coming Soon-February 2020

Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence: Steps Toward Innovation

Learn how to develop your own emotional intelligence and what drives innovative behaviors, motivation and performance in others.

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Using Design Thinking to Creatively Enhance Your Life and Career

Learn how to use design thinking tools to create innovative ideas and solutions that you can apply immediately to your life and career.

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Assertive Communication for Introverts

Learn proven and practical steps to help increase communication and confidence in social settings and meetings.

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Innovative Nurse Educator Masterclass

Learn and Apply Essential Principles of Innovation, Creativity and Human-Centered Design to Enhance Student Outcomes. Go From Mediocre Teaching to Innovative Learning

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30-Day Career Innovation Challenge: Course Intensive

Receive one-on-one coaching to design or refresh your nursing career. Change your career trajectory with new direction, vision and purpose.

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Design Thinking: A Course Intensive For Nurse Educators

Learn strategic elements of design thinking and creativity frameworks to enhance student outcomes.

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Blog and Podcast Career Tips

Get updated with the latest podcast education with Dr. Melissa Knight.  Season 2- All new Podcast series starts February 2020

Inspire and Educate

Our ultimate goal is to inspire nurses to be innovators, to be life-long learners and to outstretch their fullest potential; ultimately impacting the lives of others and their own! Through La Fe Solutions’ Innovation and Soft-Skill Development Training Hub you’ll learn critical skills that will get you on the path of success, both professionally and personally. Top-notch soft skills are highly sought after by employers and clients of today. Through video-based instruction and hands-on projects, our educators guide learners through a systematic step-by-step approach to improve effectiveness and a discovery of one’s passion and full potential.

Through our online and onsite training hub we provide strategies that enrich innovation, critical soft skills, career enhancement and personal and professional growth.

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Our Commitment to Innovation and Soft-skill Development

What Our Clients Say

My experience with La Fe Solutions has been awesome. Dr. Knight is very knowledgeable and willing to share her career expertise!

M. Belton
Nursing Student
Highly engaging courses and workshops with lots of valuable resources and tools!

J. Price
I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge that Dr. Knight has shared through her training and podcasts! It has helped me tremendously as I advance in my nursing career.

R. Vartiz

Learn from an expert nurses

Join one of our courses, tutoring sessions or register for a workshop or career coaching session and start enjoying your life and career! We will make sure every session is engaging and you reach the level of expertise needed to elevate your success!

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